Price List

Standard Adverts


8th Page Advert - (8.5 cm wide x 6cm tall)

Great for small businesses who want their details easily available month after month over a longer term - Ideal for one man bands - £50

1/4 Page Advert - (8.5cm wide x 12cm tall)

For those small businesses or sole traders who want to attract more enquiries and grow their business - £96

1/2 Page Advert - (17cm wide x 12cm tall)

For small businesses that really want to get their business noticed with very good exposure and a high response rate to their advert - £183.60

Full Page adverts (17cm wide x 24cm tall)

Great for medium sized businesses who require great exposure and a great response rate - £342

Smaller Adverts

8.5cmwidex3cmtall-£20 8.5cm wide x 4 cm tall - £30 


Prime Page Adverts


Main Advert Front Page

For those businesses that need maximum exposure and brand recognition. The first thing potential customers will see when they pick up the directory - £399 - Full Page £199 - Half Page

Mini Feature ad - Front Page

Ideal for smaller businesses who want great exposure or pointing potential customers to a main bigger advert on a certain page in the directory - £89

(Please note that Prime page adverts may be booked for a number of months) 

To make a booking, please call Chris on 01872 241 244, 07590681 631 or email